What is WEB-DL, HDTV, HEVC, x264, x265 ?? Which one is Better??

Now in this Digital era where people love to watch and Download Web-Series and TV series from the Internet. Now Internet has different sources of those web or tv series to Download or Stream In Different formats.

Today we gonna talk about all the different kind of file formats available in internet. We also gonna explain which one is better and which one is. Which one you should download and these gonna help you to save your mobile data.

There are various kinds of downloadable format available in the internet. They are-

  • File Formats – Mkv, Mp4
  • Quality Formats – HDTV, WEB-DL, Blue-Ray (Br-Rip)
  • Compression Formats – H264 or HEVC, H265

Let’s Get Started!!!

MKV and MP4 : MKV means Matroska Video, MP4 means MPEG- 4 Part 14. These video file formats are basically is a type of Containers where we put different types of video audio and captions.

Which One Better?

Specs Mkv Mp4
Video Size Larger Smaller
Multiple Codes supported YesNot All
Multiple audio tracks and captions YesNo
Fully Supported Devices PCPC and Mobiles

If You watch videos on PC and don’t have data issue go for mkv format. If you watch all in Mobiles and have data issues mp4 will be better choice though now days Mkv files also playable in mobiles smoothly the issue is large file sizes.

HDTV, WEB-DL & Blue Ray

  • HDTV is High Definition Television. This is better than the standard quality television streams basically it’s a stream what TV airs. And HDTV rips means Obtained From The TV Streams.
  • WEB-DL is basically for Web Downloadable Streams. Which is obtained from Amazon, HBO, ITunes. Better than the HDTV formats. There are 2 types of it Original WEB-DL and WEB-DL Rip. Original one is better.
  • Blue ray it is the one of the best and finest quality formats now. They are also two types Original Blue Ray (Larger Size) and Blue Ray Rip /Br-Rip (Compressed and effectively Small Size).

Which One Is Better?

So the answer Goes like this
HDTV<WEB-DL Rip<Web-Dl<Blue Ray Rip(Br-Rip) < Original Blue Ray

If The Size of a Stream is same in Webdl and Br-Rip format then Webdl will be a Good Choice

Compression Types

H.264 or x264 is a very widely-used video compression standard on the Internet, with ubiquitous decoder support on web browsers, TVs, mobile devices, and other consumer devices. x264 is the most established open-source software encoder for H.264/AVC

HEVC or x265 is the successor to H.264/AVC and results reported from standardization showed about 50% bitrate savings for the same quality compared to H.264/AVC.

Which One Is Better?

Both are basically same as it seen but size wise HEVC oe x265 is smaller. Even 480p x264 File size is same as 720p x265. So Choosing 720p with less data is a wise choice.

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