PUBG PC LITE beta Event Extended!! Free Items

What Is PUBG Lite??

PUBG LITE is a Battle Royale shooting game that you can play on both Laptop and Desktop PC with low spec.

You will enter the battle in the battlefield with a maximum of 100 players to survive. Find weapons, vehicles, and supplies Including planning to take advantage of the items that can be found in defeating the opponent and becoming the last survivor.

And PUBG LITE is open for everyone to play for free without any cost.


Beta service PUBG LITE is available in Thailand from 24 January.

And they will announce the expansion of the PUBG LITE beta test shortly to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.


PUBG PC LITE is designed to be able to play smoothly on various PCs.

PUBG PC Lite Specifications


Click The Download Button below you will redirect to Original PUBG PC LITE Launcher

You Can Even Play and Download it Via Garena PC. Link-


Activity period: January 30, after the system update ~ February 13 before midnight

Event 1!: Play games every day!

  • Play the game 60 minutes a day throughout the duration of the activity!
  • No need to play together. Just go to play, accumulate time each day
  • just complete the mission for 13 days in a period of 15 days of activity.
  • Items to be received.

>>Play for 60 minutes, complete 13 days<<

>> Play for 60 minutes, complete 8 days

>> Play for 60 minutes, complete 5 days

If completing the 13-day mission, all items will be received above.

※ All items are 14 days, counting from the date of receipt. If 14 days have elapsed, the item will disappear automatically.

Event 2!: Eat chicken!

  • Complete the game with the number 1 position for 1 time throughout the activity period !!
  • GAME MODE (SOLO, DUO, SQUAD) will win in any mode

>>Items to be received

Every item is an item 14 days from the date of receipt. If completed 14 days, the item will disappear automatically.

♦ Date of receiving items: February 15-18 ※ The item distribution date may be changed.

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