PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019!! Everything You Need To Know

The PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019 (PMSC 2019) brings together 32 YouTube gaming creators, 48 professional players.

From That 32 YouTubers The Best 16 Will be Chosen. 16 Teams (3 Player Team) from the PMCO Finals will also be here in this tourney. The 16 Chosen YouTubers Can choose their desired team they wanna play with. (According to the vote the most voted person get to choose first).

Phase 1 Voting: July 1st – July 8th

  • First batch: Seven winners from each group advances to phase 2
  • Second batch: After group winners are selected, Seven most voted (excluding group winners) advances to phase 2
  • For the second batch: from a single Group, a maximum of four creators can advance
  • Group S batch: As the host location of the grand finals, Group S will receive two extra advancing slots
  • Top 16 voted will secured a team spot at the Grand Final

Phase 2 Voting: July 11th – the last match of Star Challenge 2019: September 8th

  • The creator with the most votes globally is crowned Most Popular at the Grand Final in Taipei

You Can Only Cast 2 Votes in a Day From a Single Google Account. You can also vote for same YouTuber twice.

Go n Cast Your Votes Now-

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge will feature exciting in-game challenges, fan voting, an exclusive YouTube video series, and a two-day Grand Finals in Taipei with a prize pool of USD $250,000. The Date Most Probably is in September.

  • 1st $100,000
    • 2nd $50,000
      • 3rd $25,000

PMSC 2019 is hosted by VSPN, authorized by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation, presented by Google Play, and exclusively broadcast on YouTube.

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