PUBG Mobile GFX Download & Tutorial

At this time there is nobody who don’t know about PUBG Mobile or Never played it in their mobile phone. We all want to play the game with ease and lag free. Due to our low and mid range phones unable to give that performance or restricted by the game itself.

So, here we are giving you a tool with tutorial that will unlock more performance in your phone for PUBG Mobile. You can even use it without thinking of getting banned said by the Developers and also tried by me.

The GFX tool we are talking about is PUB GFX+ Tool by Trilokia Inc. {From XDA Developers}. There are currently two versions of it one is on Google Play Store (Free & Paid) another one is on XDA Labs. Both are Same only difference of 1 or 2 extra features.Paid Version Comes with Advance Features

How to Download

You can simply go to the play store and install it or go to XDA Labs to Download.

Google Play: Free Version

Google Play:Plus Version(Paid)

XDA Lab Link


**Remember Everytime You have to Open the GFX app and apply it Before You Play the Game**

FPS Details

  1. Low – 20 FPS
  2. Medium – 30 FPS
  3. High- 40 FPS
  4. Ultra High – 50 FPS
  5. Extreme – 60 FPS

For Low End Phones– If your default settings is Smooth/balanced and FPS is on Medium.

  • Go to the GFX tool and Select the latest version of PUBG Mobile and Set the resolution on 1280×720
  • Choose Graphic Quality Smooth or Balanced and FPS is High
  • Off Anti Aliasing , Shadow and Detailing
  • Even Dont Change any Settings except the resolution and try ZERO LAG mode, it will automatically finds best settibgs for ur phone.(Recommended)

For Mid Range Phones

  • Go to the GFX tool and Select the latest version of PUBG Mobile and Set the resolution on 1080p or 720p as you wish.
  • Choose Graphic Quality HD and FPS is Ultra High or HDR with High FPS
  • You can choose whether you want to change Anti Aliasing , Shadow and Detailing. If you go for higher settings then turn off.
  • And of course best option is Zero Lag Mode.

**Remember Your Peek and Scope settings will be altered Everytime(There Is a option to prevent it from altering)**

You can Also Read The Official Review With Proofs on XDA Article

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