PUBG LITE New Features & Balance Updates

Main Points

  • Improving item spawns based on user feedback
  • Holding a lot of events to help players experience various in-game items
  • Bringing gun play features from the PUBG Steam version to allow users to have more realistic experiences
  • PUBG LITE worked hard to listen to players’ opinions in order to meet the users’ needs and wants. You may find more details below:

Balance Patch

They have increased the spawn rates of AR/DMR which were the most liked in the “PUBG LITE WEAPON RANK” where users voted for their favorite weapons through the official PUBG LITE Facebook page. Also, you can now loot valuable items even in small houses. Vehicles will be spawned more making it possible to navigate freely in Erangel and Miramar. Now, you can draw up various strategies and have a more fun gameplay experience.

  • Increased the spawn rates of AR/DMR
  • The spawn rates of high-tier items at small houses increased
  • Increased the spawn rates of vehicles
PUBG LITE New Features & Balance Updates

New Features

PUBG LITE added the attendance event feature to give many users the opportunity to use various items. Especially during these next two weeks, we will be giving out awesome items. In appreciation of your interest and participation, we prepared a perfect opportunity for you to obtain weapon and parachute skins, which were requested most by our players!

  • Daily login event: COME! CLICK! GET! All the cool items!
  • Added Item Sliding Bar: The quantity of items can be adjusted by sliding the bar
PUBG LITE New Features & Balance Updates

Bringing Gunplay Experiences of PUBG Steam Version

They have brought more realistic gunplay features as many of you wanted. Now you can enjoy realistic shooting with added bullet penetration and recoil modifications. We are also adding 3x and 6x scope attachments. Through Zoom In and Zoom Out feature, you can shoot more precisely when using high powered scopes. With these modifications, the general spawn rate of scope items have been increased.

These changes will provide a more realistic touch on the gameplay and now you can enjoy more life-like Battle Royale experiences.

  • Added 3x and 6x scopes
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out Feature
  • Penetration Feature
  • Recoil modification to make gunplay more similar to PUBG Steam version
PUBG LITE New Features & Balance Updates

And Minor & Major Bug Fixes Throughout The Game

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