Lenovo Legion of Champions IV: PUBG INDIA QUALIFIER


Lenovo Legion of Champions IV is the 4th installment of one of Asia’s biggest international Esports tournament. The tournament welcomes players from Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. It is sponsored by Lenovo Legion and Intel, introducing the ultimate battle royale with PUBG as the main event. Be the last team standing and take on the best in the region!


The tournament is divided into 2 rounds as follows;

1.) Online Qualifiers

– Open Registration 8 Oct- 24 Oct 2019
– Groups Announcement 25 Oct 2019
– Online Qualifier  26 Oct  – 10 Nov 2019
1.1) Each group (Total 5) will compete over two days with 6 maps (Erangel , Miramar, Erangel + Erangel , Miramar, Erangel).
– Top 2 teams from each group will qualify for Lan Finale at LOC India on November 16-17 at Comin Con, Bangalore.
– Number of teams qualifying from each group may vary based on total number of registered teams. Teams will be notified in advance in case there is a change.

1.2) Lan Finale November 16/17 Bangalore
-Top 2 teams from each group (total 5 groups) will compete over 2 days 
– Day 1 – 4 Maps: Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar
– Day 2 – 5 Maps: Erangel , Miramar, Erangel, Miramar, Erangel
**** Final Lan schedule subject to change
**** Players and teams must make their own travel arrangements
**** Qualified teams cannot collect prize money without appearing at LAN Finale
**** Winners of Lan Finale will travel to Thailand to compete in Legion of Champions Finale
**** No roster changes will be entertained once the tournament has started

The Prizes (Local Qualifiers)

  • Winner : INR 2,50,000 + Travel to Thailand for LOC Finals
  • Runner-up : INR 1,75,000
  • 3rd place : INR 1,25,000
  • 4th Place: INR 1,00,000
  • 5th Place: INR 80,000
  • 6th Place: INR 70,000
  • 7th Place INR 60,000
  • 8th Place INR 50,000
  • 9th Place INR 50,000
  • 10th Place INR 40,000

    ***All prize winnings are subject to govt taxes
    ***All teams qualifying for LAN Final in India must hold Indian passports, valid till at least march 2020.

2.) Lenovo Legion of Champions IV 2019 Offline Grand Final @ Pantip Pratunam, 13 – 15 Dec 2019

2.1 Players must be able to travel to Thailand.
2.2 Players must own Passport and Visa.
***The Organizers will provide the travel cost and accommodation while in the tournament.

Legion Of Champions IV Thailand Prizes(Grand Final)

Winner : 4,000 USD & Lenovo LEGION gaming laptop x 4
Runner-up : 3,000 USD
3rd & 4 place : 2,000 USD
5th – 8th place : 1,000 USD
9th – 12th place : 400 USD


  • This Tournament begins with Online Qualifiers and ends with Offline Finals.
  • Players must obey the Rules & Regulations and must understand the International Tournament protocol.
  • Players must name their official Team Name that is suitable for the tournament.
  • Only registered players have the right to participate in the tournament.
  • Players must make sure that their computers and their internet connection are suitable for PubG.
  • Players must register in their own market.
  • Players must join the LOC main Discord.
  • All participating members must be citizens of India
  • Please report 20 minutes early prior to the match to obtain the lobby code and join the lobby.
  • If the player is 20 minutes late, or comes after the game begins, the player will be disqualified.
  • If the team member is not complete before the game begins, the team is required to play without that member(s).
  • There will be NO POSTPONEMENT. Players that are unable to participate in the game will be disqualified.
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