How To Play GTA RP or Roleplay?

Here We are to help you for your first time on GTA RP .

Things You Need Before Playing GTA Roleplay

  • Steam Account 
  • GTA V Online
  • FiveM Client
  • Microphone (For Voice Chat) 
  • A Good Stable Internet
  • **& a Good Sense Of Roleplay**

Steps to Play GTA Roleplay

  • -Open Steam From Your Computer (If You Don’t have Steam Go to Google-Search Steam-Open their Website and Download their Steam Client), After Opening Steam Log In to your account or Make One.
  • – If You Have GTA  Online then good, if you don’t then Purchase it and download it (Size Approx 80GB). Don’t open it now. 
  • – Then Download & Install FiveM Client From Their Website.
  • – After Opening The Installer, It will pop up a window for   Locating Your Original Game files location in Stream Library (Local Disk)
  • – After Completing and Verifying The Full Install of FiveM Now You Can See the Server Lists and Categories
  • – You can sort the Servers by various categories and ping wish.
  • And Do Read Their Servers Rules Before Joining There.

**Important– Don’t Close Your Steam App While Doing This Whole Process!

*GTA RP Doesn’t Work On PS4 and Free or Cracked or Offline Version Of GTA V Do remember*

Happy Role-playing! 

How To Play GTA RP or Roleplay?
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