How to Make Your YouTube Comments Bold, Italics & Strikethrough!

YouTube Comments of yours can be designed in the same way you can for Whatsapp Did you know that?

Why YouTube is So Popular??

YouTube is part of google so it Godgoogle gifted :3

On a serious note, YouTube is purely video sharing platforms unlike other social media platforms, it is more professional and thus helps general public in day to day lives.

It also gives creators their income by monetizing ads in their videos and good place for advertisement for companies.

Comment Design

YouTube allows only 3 types of Comment Effects

  • 1) Bold
  • 2) Italics
  • 3) Strike-through

Your YouTube Comments can be look a little bit more highlighted with this. And Even through this you can get the reply from your favorite Youtuber.

Here’s the special code you need to add around the words:

  • To bold a word, put *asterisks* around it.
  • For italics, use _underscores_
  • If You want strikethroughs, put -hyphens- (or dashes) around the text.
  • For boldItalic use *_boldItalic_*
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