All Important Info You Need To Know Before Playing GTA Roleplay

In GTA Roleplay New People Usually Don’t know all of the Basic things of Playing RP Except The Community Rules!

Basic Server Rules not included, You will get server rules from the community you wanna join.

So Here We are helping you with some important notes and phrases you should know before playing.

Short Names

  • VDM – Vehicle Deathmatch
  • RDM – Random Deathmatch
  • PD/PDM – Police Department
  • EMS – Emergency Medical Service
  • Power Gaming – This is when you aim to maximize progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling (roleplay) and atmosphere.
  • Metagaming – It is the use of out-of-character (OOC) knowledge someone would have no in-character (IC) knowledge of.
  • Fail RP – It is the act of failing to roleplay realistically.
  • ERP – Erotic Roleplay
  • OOC – Out Of the Character
  • IC – In Character
  • NPC – Non Playing Characters
  • SASP – San Andreas State Petrol
  • LSPD – Los Santos Police Department


  • Head exploded = game crashed / disconnected
  • Inside my head/meditating/taking a piss/anything that involves doing something by
  • yourself during a conversation = AFK or non-responsive in game
  • Hit the _ muscle = press the _ key
  • Eyes fucked up = seeing things that aren’t visible to other people (i.e. bug/glitch)
  • Spider on your foot/need to jump = animation is bugged for other players
  • Take a nap = reconnect to the game (usually to get rid of a bug)
  • Go to sleep = logging off
  • On the train = in queue to get into the server
  • County/City 1/2 = Server 1/2
  • Months (prison sentencing) = IRL Minutes
  • Years (prison sentencing) = IRL Days
  • Headache = lag
  • Locals = NPCs
  • High Command = Admins (used by Police)
  • Government = Admins (used by non-police)
  • Tsunami = server reset
  • Scuffed = fucked up (usually bugged due to someone’s connection to the server)
  • The Nines = 9999 days in prison (basically life sentence, or stuck there indefinitely)
  • Psychiatrist/Mental Evaluation = To be reviewed by admins to decide if the player will be banned from the server
All Important Info You Need To Know Before Playing GTA Roleplay
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